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Sambal Cincalok ~ Lime Shrimp Sambal January 23, 2008

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I’m not too sure where this condiment comes from. As far as I remember from childhood, it’s one of the typical dishes often made by my father’s side of family, the West Sumatrans, along with other condiments, sambal tempoyak.  Altough on Google search I couldn’t find anything except all listings from malaysian sites.

    Yang jelas rasanya nendang abis…… ngegigit di lidah rasa asemnya, pedes dan gurih. Enaklah pokoknya.

        * 12 pcs red chilis/serrano chilis (kalau mau lebih pedas bisa ganti dengan cabai rawit)
        * 2 pcs of lemons, squeezed
        * 3 tbs cincalok or baby anchovies (apa sih, teri nasi kali ya….)
        * 3 pcs of shallots, finely chopped
        * salt, sugar to taste
        * 1 tsp lemon vinegar (jika suka lebih asam lagi)

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          Sambal Bajak with coconut milk January 6, 2008

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          *  20 pcs red chilis, serrano chilis, or anything red and spicy…. yummm
          *  6 pcs shallots
          *  6 pcs garlic
          *  2 pcs large red tomatoes, chopped
          *  2 tsp shrimp paste or belacan , fried or roasted first
          *  2 tsp indonesian palm sugar or gula jawa – may be added later if necessary
          *  2 bay leaves
          *  2 stalks of lemon grass – smashed
          *  2 cm of galangal root – or in singapore/malay is called blue ginger
          *  4 pcs kaffir lime leaves
          *  2 tsp tamarind extract
          *  1 cup of thick coconut milk or coconut powder

          Cooking Directions:

          1.  Put the chilis, shallots and garlic in food processor
          2.  Heat the skillet, stir fry the processed chilis until fragrant
          3.  Add lemon grass, bay leaves, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar, shrimp paste and chopped tomatoes
               Stir in coconut milk gradually while mixing thoroughly
          4.  On low heat, keep stirring the sambal for a while until there’s a distinct fragrance, different from the previous one
          5.  Add salt, pepper, tamarind extract for taste…. and ready to serve.

          **Recipe from Mom