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Chicken Tikka ala Dhi October 12, 2007

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* 20 potong sayap ayam – aku lebih suka sayap ayam karena gampang menyerap bumbu

* 1 ruas jahe segar, parut

* 8 siung bawang putih, parut (bisa ditambah/dikurangi jika suka)

* 2 sdt cabai merah bubuk

* 3 sdt curry powder

* 1 butir lemon, peras airnya

* 60 gram garam masala – karena nggak punya aku ganti dengan racikan sendiri
   ( 3 btr star anise, pala, 6 btr cardamom kering, 2 btr cengkeh, 1 sdt kayu manis bubuk – giling halus)

* 1 sdm jinten sangrai

* 1 cangkir cream cheese

* 1/2  cangkir yoghurt tawar

Cara memasak:

1.) Cuci sayap ayam dan sayat-sayat spy bumbu gampang menyerap
      Bubuhi dengan perasan lemon, jahe, racikan garam masala & bawang putih. Biarkan selama kurang lebih 1 jam
      *untuk ayam berdaging lebih tebal, diamkan lebih lama supaya bumbu lbh menyerap

2.) Campurkan cream cheese dan yoghurt – tempatkan dalam wadah tahan panas & di-oven. Beres!
     Karena di apartmentku minimalis, nggak ada oven, jadi dimasak dalam api kecil dengan tutup sampai lembut
     sambil dicicipi, tambah garam, lada & sedikiiitt gula.  😛

3.) Sesudah kuah agak mengering, baru di pan-grilled dengan 2 sdm olive oil sampai berwarna coklat sedikit.
      Rasanya? wuaaahhh……  cihuy! 


** Resep diadaptasi dari All Recipes


Pan Grilled Chicken Wings September 26, 2007

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4-6 pcs of chicken wings – depends on the size

Marinate sauce:

* 3 tbs oyster sauce

* 4 tbs of honey

* 1 pc of lemon – squeeze

* 8 pcs of garlic – grated

* salt and pepper to taste

(leave chicken wings marinated for a few hours until they slightly turn color into light brown)

Now this is going to be slightly messy and youmay use oven if you prefer. Heat cooking pan and drizzle with olive oil. Place chicken wings inside and let them brown nicely while holding the pan, turning the heat high, occasionally brushing the skin of chicken to the naked flame.

Bell pepper Salsa:

* 1 large red bell pepper/capsicum/paprika – chopped small

* 2 pcs of garlic, grated

* salt, pepper, sugar to taste

* few drops of lemon juice


Hainan Chicken Rice ala Crowne Plaza July 2, 2007

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This dish has become one of our favorites, for lunch mostly, when we feel like having something light. The three standard condiments make quite a flavourful combination in the mouth with a yummie chicken broth that comes separately in a drinking mug. 

Click here for recipe of Hainan Chicken Rice


Chicken Green Curry (*Gulai Ayam Thai) June 24, 2007

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Grilled Chicken in Coconut Gravy (Ayam Panggang Bazar) June 8, 2007

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 Indonesian Dish  

This grilled chicken is one of the family recipes. I’m not quite sure if there’s actually a specific name for it but we always refer it as ‘ayam panggang jeruk limo’. If cooked correctly, this grilled  chicken will be bursting with flavours, pleasingly tangy with a hint of lime aroma, it has subtle flavours of satay sauce but not quite as there’s no peanut sauce used in this dish.

Main Ingredients:

* Chicken – cut into pieces. I choose chicken wings as this part seems to take in spices well

* shallots (6), garlic cloves (4), candlenuts (5), fresh chilis (3) – all finely ground

* 2 pcs of bay leaves

* 3 pcs of kaffir lime leaves

* 1 cup of coconut milk, here I use packaged coconut powder

* 3 stalks of fresh Lemongrass – pound

* Tamarind 2-3 pcs (asam jawa bisa pakai 2-3 mata, kalow kurang bisa tambah)

* 1 pcs of indonesian lime  *jeruk limo*


1.) Heat the pan & sauteed all ground spices, add chicken pieces and mix

2.) Add 2 cups of water, add lemongrass, bayleaves, tamarind, then add coconut milk

3.) A pinch of salt, pepper, little bit of sugar to taste and a drop of sweet soy sauce.
     Just a few drops or else it’s going to taste like satay. Add kaffir lime leaves

4.) Let it boil until soften

5.) Set aside chicken – while keeping the sauce on the stove until it thickens. Squeezed a few drops of lime

6.) Grill the chicken over medium heat. Serve with drizzle the sauce on top and sprinkle of ‘bawang
      goreng’  or fried shallots.


Stir fried sprouts & liver in soy gravy January 19, 2007

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I’m attaching a link to  facts about chicken liver   here…

*  Chicken liver, cleaned and trimmed
*  Bean sprouts
*  Tomatoes ~ here I used cherry tomatoes; I like the taste better
*  Crushed garlic, chopped onions, spring onions, red chilis, ginger

Cooking directions:
1.  Heat pan with 1 tbsp oil, stir fry chopped garlic and onions until lightly brown
2.  Quickly stir in chicken livers until lightly brown
3.  Mix in bean sprouts
3.  Add tomatoes, smashed ginger and chilis
4.  Dash of sweet soy sauce, maggi cube, salt and pepper
5.  Lastly mix in chopped spring onions