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Soto Tangkar Betawi *Batavian Beef Rib Soup* January 17, 2008

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* 400 gram beef ribs
* 1 kg brisket ( this portion enough for 3 western pax)  – secara Mike kalo makan ginian gak pake nasi
* 2 pcs bay leaves
* 3 stalks of lemon grass – pounded, tie together into a knot, then dump into the pot
* 3 cm fresh galangal – roast in naked flame until fragrant
* 2 cm fresh ginger, sliced
* 3 pcs kaffir lime leaves
* 250 ml coconut milk
* 500 gr potatoe – cubed
* 4 cm cinnamon stick

Ground spices:
* 12 pcs shallots
* 7 pcs garlic
* 5 pcs red chilis
* 8 pcs candlenuts – roast in naked flame till fragrant
* 1 tbs coriander powder
* 1 tsp cumin powder  (I use mongolian cumin which has a slightly stronger scent… yummy)
* 1 tsp white pepper powder
(all ground smoothly, then stir fry in cooking oil until fragrant)

Cooking Direction:
1.)  Boil water with lemon grass, roast galangal, bay leaves in a pot and cook ribs + brisket until tender
       This should take a while. So in the mean time you can shallow fry cubed potatoes until golden brown and set aside
2.)  When ribs & beef are tender enough, mix in the stir fried ground spices, kaffir lime leaves and cinnamon stick.
       Taste and add salt, pepper if needed
3.)  Serve steaming hot. Place cubef potatoes first, then the ribs & soup. Sprinkle with chopped spring onions,
       chopped tomatoes and fried shallot or bawang goreng. Oh, heaven!!!!

** Recipe source from Femina Online


Shepherd’s Pie November 7, 2007

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*  700 gr lean minced beef
*  1 large onion, finely chopped
*  1 cup of cubed carrots, 1 cup of peas, 1 cup of sliced button mushrooms
*  4 pcs of large potatoes
*  butter
*  soft cheese
*  grated vintage cheese (or anything with strong flavors)
*  worchestershire sauce
*  salt, pepper & maggi seasoning powder to taste

Cooking Directions:

1.  Peel potatoes and boil until soft.
2.  Heat the pan with a few drops of olive oil, stir in chopped onions until fragrant
3.  Add minced beef, mix thoroughly until cooked through then add the vegetables.
4.  Add salt, pepper, worchester sauce and seasoning. Lastly mix in grated vintage cheese. Set aside
5.  When potatoes are cooked through, mashed them until smooth in a bowl
      add butter, soft cheese, salt & pepper to taste
6.  In an oven proof dish, place the cooked meat on the bottom layer.
     Then top with layer of mashed potatoes. Place in an oven for about 30 minutes – or
     microwave can also be used with settings on combination high for 20 mnts, followed by “grill” for 10 mnts


Macaroni Schotel September 29, 2007

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Original recipe from Mbak Ine, my Multiply buddy – thanks mbak In!

The only retouching I had was that tomato paste topping, which is my mom’s trademark – and probably thousands other moms :-))   She made her delicious macaroni so often when we were kids. Just luv it!


Stuffed Chayote ~ *Labu Siam Isi Daging*

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Only today I have a different opinion about this particular vegetable known as chayote or carribean squash or referred simply as labu siam by the Indonesians, I always think it as a common vegetable. You know – the kind of veggies that tend to be oversupplied in the market, always served as home cooking meals or warteg, never made it to elegant fine dining resto served as sexy cuisine.

The fact that it actually has a more exotic name in English – and is believed to be the staple food of the Aztecs & Mayans, and there’s more interesting ways turning them into a delicacy rather than a homely stir-fried, gave me more than enough reasons to bring this baby into my kitchen. If you’d like to know more about chayote, please click here.


* 3 pcs of chayote – or labu siam, cut half lengthwise and wash in water and salt

* 1 pc of large onion, finely chopped

* 300 gram of lean minced beef

* 5 pcs of garlic, minced or grated

* 3 red chilis (can be replaced by red bell pepper) finely chopped

* a handful of red cherry tomatoes, cut in half

* 1/2 tsp dried oregano

* 1/2 tsp cumin powder

* half cup of raisins – I’m using red cranberries which gives a hint of beautiful soury flavour

* half cup grated cheese – I use vintage cheese and cream cheese

* 2 tbs of bread crumbs to add consistency

Cooking Directions:

1.)  Half cook the chayotes for about 15-20 mnts, until tender enough. Remove the seed, scoop out the flesh using spoon,
       set the shell aside ready for filling.

2.) Heat cooking pan, stir in chopped onions and garlic until fragrant. Add minced beef and cook till lightly brown.
      Add chopped tomatoes, oregano, cumin powder, chilis/bell pepper

3.) Lastly add grated cheese, bread crumbs, raisins. Mix well. Turn off fire, add in scooped chayote flesh and start filling
      them into chayote shells. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

4.) Oven bake for 10 mnts or less. Ready to serve.

**Recipes from KitchenLink


Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut) July 28, 2007

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Perkedel Isi (Stuffed Potato Cake) July 1, 2007

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Berhubung stock kentang masih banyak banget, gw udah rencana bikin perkedel rumahan yang biasa pake bawang goreng. Cuma perkedel kali ini agak dikombinasi dengan isiannya shepherd pie. Pernah bikin sih beberapa kali dan Mike suka banget.

Bumbu Dasar:

*  1/2 kg kentang, kupas & iris bulat supaya cepat matang saat digoreng

*  Daging giling tanpa lemak

*  Wortel iris kotak-kotak kecil, peterseli/daun bawang , kacang polong (*aku siy gak suka jadi gak pakai)

*  Bw bombay besar & Bw putih, cincang kasar

*  Lada hitam, garam, saus worchester/kecap inggris, gula sedikit, 3 sdm bawang goreng

*  2 btr telur – pisahkan putihnya


1.)  Tumis bw bombay & bw putih sampai harum, masukkan wortel & kacang polong sampai empuk.
       Sesudahnya masukkan daging cincang, masak sampai harum. Tambahkan merica, garam, peterseli,
       saus worchester. Cicipi. Lalu sisihkan.

2.)  Panaskan minyak di wajan dan goreng potongan kentang sampai berwarna kuning muda.
      *Kentang yang di steam/direbus lebih susah untuk dibentuk & buyar kalau digoreng*

3.)  Haluskan kentang di dalam mangkuk dengan garpu. Haluskan juga bawang goreng, campurkan ke
       dalam kentang. Tambahkan garam, lada putih sedikit. Cicipi.

4.) Pipihkan adonan kentang, isi dengan daging yang sudah dimasak. Bulatkan sampai daging tertutup
      rata supaya tidak pecah saat digoreng. Celupkan ke dalam putih telur sebelum digoreng.

5.)  Goreng sampai berwarna kuning keemasan. Angkat & tiriskan. 


Biryani Rice June 23, 2007

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