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Sambal Cincalok ~ Lime Shrimp Sambal January 23, 2008

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I’m not too sure where this condiment comes from. As far as I remember from childhood, it’s one of the typical dishes often made by my father’s side of family, the West Sumatrans, along with other condiments, sambal tempoyak.  Altough on Google search I couldn’t find anything except all listings from malaysian sites.

    Yang jelas rasanya nendang abis…… ngegigit di lidah rasa asemnya, pedes dan gurih. Enaklah pokoknya.

        * 12 pcs red chilis/serrano chilis (kalau mau lebih pedas bisa ganti dengan cabai rawit)
        * 2 pcs of lemons, squeezed
        * 3 tbs cincalok or baby anchovies (apa sih, teri nasi kali ya….)
        * 3 pcs of shallots, finely chopped
        * salt, sugar to taste
        * 1 tsp lemon vinegar (jika suka lebih asam lagi)

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