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Spinach Fritata (Omelet Bayam) July 3, 2007

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Fritata disini maksudnya dadar telur atau ‘omelet’ dalam bahasa Inggris, ‘tortilla’ dalam bahasa spanyol, dan ‘fritata’ dalam bahasa Itali. Bahan dasarnya sih tetap sama saja, dari telur. Variasi fillingnya juga bisa bermacam-macam kok. Berbagai jenis sayuran, kentang, bawang….  Hmmm, pagi ini lagi agak kreatif, pakai bayam, ditambah irisan sosis ayam & pan roasted cherry tomatoes. Enaaaakkk lah pokoknya.

Basic Ingredients:

* 4 pcs fresh eggs, whisk thoroughly

* a large handful of spinach, clean & chopped roughly (I use regular spinach, coz of its softer texture)
  the Chinese Spinach tends to be less juicy & has an unpleasant texture for quick cooking
  Soak spinach in hot water for a few minutes until soft enough & then drain.

* a handful of cherry tomatoes

* chicken sausages – sliced

* green bell pepper, seeded & washed, chopped roughly

* large onions & garlic – chopped roughly

* goat cheese & parmesan cheese

* ground white pepper, salt, itsy bitsy maggie granules

Cooking Directions:

1.) Pan roast cherry tomatoes in a skillet with with high heat. Add chopped green bell pepper.
      Let it roast until light brown. Set aside

2.) Heat the pan, add 1 tbsp of olive oil, stir fry onions & garlic until light brown. Add sausages.
      Pour in whisked eggs, add spinach, add tomatoes & green bell peppers. Add salt, pepper, goat cheese
      & parmesan cheese. 

3.) Cook the fritata on very low fire, letting it to cook slowly. Put the lid on. Check if it’s brown enough
      and flip over. Put the lid back on the let it cook thoroughly.

** Recipes from Simply Recipe



2 Responses to “Spinach Fritata (Omelet Bayam)”

  1. indianti Says:

    dhii, gw udah coba fritatanya last week-end n…marc suka katanya 😉

  2. pinkytoes Says:

    eeehh… mrs. spoel ….:-D dah mulai masak nech. Siiiip lah. BTW, dah di Holland loe?

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