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Indonesian Lamb Stew (Tongseng Kambing) June 10, 2007

Filed under: BEEF & LAMB,SOUP, STEW & CURRY — pinkytoes @ 1:41 am

Tongseng Kambing ala abang-abang. Kalow ada yang punya resep yang lebih dahsyat lagi PM aku ya, soalnya hubby sukaaaaa banget!  Maaf penampakannya agak berantakan….


* 1/2 kg lamb – or more

* Curry paste 2 tbs or grind using stone mortar (10 pcs shallots, 6 pcs garlic, turmeric powder, 6 pcs
   candlenuts, pinch of cummins, pinch of coriander seeds)

* 2 tbs of coconut milk

* Galangal about 2 cm – or 1 tsp if powdered

* Bay leaves 2 pcs

* Cloves 2 pcs

* Lemon grass 3 pcs – roughly pound

* Tomatoes, as much as you like – chopped roughly

* Cabbage – chopped thinly


1.) I prefer to grill the lamb first. So marinate lamb with cummin powder, chili powder, salt & pepper.
      Leave aside for a half an hour, then grill until half tender.

2.) Sauteed curry paste or ground paste in the pan with oil about 2 tbs, until fragrant

3.) Add pound lemon grass, bayleaves, cloves, galangal. Stir in and sautee until fragrant then add lamb

4.) Add coconut milk and 1 cup of water. Leave until the lamb is tender, add tomatoes, chopped cabbage

5.) Cook until vegetables are firm but tender. Upon serving sprinkle with fried shallots or bawang goreng


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