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Aubergine Casserole – Terong Panggang May 9, 2007

Filed under: BEEF & LAMB,SALAD & VEGGIES — pinkytoes @ 10:50 am

 Iranian Dish  

The dish is inspired from Fitri’s Iranian dish, originally called Koresh-E-Bademjan. It has been slightly modified. The variation of mint leaves add an interesting flavour to it. Maybe next time I’ll try to do it with lamb, which will bring a slightly stronger ‘bite’, typical of middle eastern dishes.

      Click here for Fitri’s Recipe

      Additional step:

      **  Just sprinkle a tiny bit of olive oil while roasting the aubergine, we don’t want it to be bathed in oil
           However, the preferred way is to char grilled them. No use of oil at all – plus a nice smokey flavour

      **  Pan roasted with a drizzle of oil: aubergine, tomatoes and green pepper

      **  I replaced the cube beef with lean minced beef

      **  For the paste, add 1 tsp of dried mint leaves and 2 pcs of bayleaf

      ** Arrange roasted aubergine, tomatoes and green pepper alternately in a heat proof dish
          Top it off with the paste, then put another layer of roasted vegetables, top it off again

      **  Lastly put the dish in an oven for half hour. Ready to serve.


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