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Omelette Tortilla May 5, 2007

Filed under: BREAKFAST — pinkytoes @ 6:07 am

 Spanish Dish

I remembered when my dad used to cook the all-time-favorite dish of the family, his special omelette with thinly sliced potato and a bit of chilis. This one is inspired from that dish and a Tortilla de Patatas  I found while browsing for Spanish breakfast.


*  Potato, thinly sliced matchstick size
*  Onions & garlic, finely chopped
*  Green/Red/Yellow Capsicum, seeded and finely sliced
*  Spring Onion chopped
*  Cherry tomatoes, halved
*  Egg, salt, ground pepper, grated cheese

1.  Heat 2tbsp oil in medium heat pan and stir fry potatoes until cooked
2.  Add onions, garlic, tomatoes and capsicum
3.  Spread them evenly on a pan while pouring the lightly beaten egg over it 
    *it should be a thin pancake-like*
4.  Add salt, pepper and cheese 


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