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Fish Asam Padeh April 29, 2007

Filed under: SEAFOOD — pinkytoes @ 6:59 am

 Indonesian Dish  

Found an interesting looking fish with large pinkish scales and beautiful texture. I couldn’t think of a better way to cook it but to smother it in a lot of tomatoes, garlic and tamarind. It does tastes like Asam Padeh but not as spicy, just perfect…..

*  Fish fillet
*  Lemon 1 pcs
*  Kaffir lime leaves 5 pcs
* Fresh ginger slices about 2cm
*  Bayleaf 2 pcs
* Pinch of galangal powder
*  Tomatoes – lots
*  Tamarind   *asam kandis is the best one*
    and it’s important to have the right kind of tamarind as it affects the overall taste
*  Red chilies, seeded and washed – pounded smoothly
*  Cardamom pods 2 – 4 pcs
*  Fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped
*  sugar, salt, pepper, garlic

*  To begin with, I always stir fry some garlic & onions, add chilies
*  Add chopped tomatoes, bayleaf, salt, sugar, pepper, cardamom pods, kaffir lime leaves
*  Add the fish and then leave the cover on for a while until the sauce thickens
*  Throw in chopped coriander leaves and a twist of lemon juice


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