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Spicy Carrot Salad April 27, 2007

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 My own creative cooking 

I’m not sure if this recipe is originally a Thai dish, but the dressing is inspired from a salad dish I had in Bangkok.  Instead of dried shrimps, they pounded live river shrimps or those tiny soft shell crabs – then blended into the rest of the spices. It’s has pleasant sharp flavours from the mixture of the garlic, chilies, lime and a nice distinct flavours from the pounded dried baby shrimps.

Fresh carrots  ~  cleaned and thinly sliced, matchstick size
Whole lemon 2 or 3 pcs
Fresh coriander leaves  ~ chopped
Garlic 5 cloves
Red chilies  ~ washed and seeded   *coba ganti dengan cabe rawit supaya lebih pedas….*
Vinegar (red wine or rice vinegar, anything will do)
Dried baby shrimps  (biasanya sih disebut Ebi)
Salt, sugar, pepper to taste

Rinse the dried shrimps in hot water, then pound until soft. Add garlic and chilies
Place the sliced carrots into large bowl, stir in the mixture paste. Add sugar, salt, lemon and vinegar
You can add a cup of warm water to soften the carrots a bit
Throw in chopped coriander leaves.
Keep in a fridge for a couple of hours prior to serving. Serve with roasted peanuts or cashews

** it actually will taste better if you keep in the fridge until the next day.


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